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Welcome to the Waste Disposer Warehouse – the complete resource for consumer and trade requirements for waste disposal units. Our office is open 9-6 Monday to Thursday call us for help and advice on 01275 475280.
From Insinkerator, Waste Maid and Franke to Tweeny and Maxmatic, you will find the UK´s leading brands of waste disposal units here at Waste Disposer Warehouse. With a full range of models, spares and accessories we are able to offer all our products at unbeatable discount prices.

Waste disposal units are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, providing an environmentally responsible way to take care of almost all your household food waste. With exceptional prices on major brand names like Insinkerator and Waste Maid you can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of the latest waste disposal units at very affordable prices.

With more and more homes adopting waste disposal units from the Waste Disposer Warehouse isn´t it time you did too? No more smelly bins and decaying food waste, a waste disposal unit will simply grind up food waste into fine particles and flush them into the normal drainage system with a small amount of water.

Talk to the Waste Disposer Warehouse about our choice of simple to install and easy to use waste disposal units. Using 3-4 litres of water per day and an estimated 1p per day on electric for the average household, a waste disposer unit could save you up to 20% of your outdoor bin capacity- and with longer council bin collections that can make a big difference to your waste routine.

From entry level waste disposal units to heavy duty units with industrial grade grinders, we can advise you on a choice of disposer from any of our top brands including Insinkerator – the world´s largest manufacturer of waste disposal units.

Whatever your need or budget, the Waste Disposer warehouse has all the products and accessories you need for a successful waste disposal unit installation. From air buttons and remote control units to care products, the Waste Disposer Warehouse is the only place you need for all your waste disposal needs.

Browse our site now, or call us for more information and advice on buying your new waste disposal unit.

Our Staff

All our staff have been in the industry for many years, and have extensive experience in the products we sell.

The Waste Disposer Warehouse was developed to provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource for all consumer and trade waste disposal requirements.

Our position as one of the UK´s leading supplier and distributor of waste disposer units, spare parts and accessories enables us to provide the world's best known brands of waste disposers at unbeatable discount prices. 
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Got an old product and don't know what to replace it with?
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