How to resolve common problems with a waste disposer

My waste disposer is humming and then cutting out?

The disposer is probably jammed and the turntable is unable to rotate freely.
  1. Unjam the turntable with the manufacturer's unjamming key (if they provide one) or rotate the turntable with a 300-400mm long screwdriver from the top of the machine.
  2. Once the obstruction has been cleared press the red reset button and start the machine.
My disposer is leaking?

Isolate electrically and ascertain where the leak is coming from.
  1. If leaking from the TOP reseal the sink flange assembly with rubber gaskets and/or silicone sealant. Change the splashguard.
  2. If leaking from the MIDDLE replace the outlet pipe and seal and inspect body of machine under the plastic covers to check for corrosion. If it is corroded you need a new disposer.
  3. If leaking from the BOTTOM then water has penetrated the water seal. The disposer needs replacing.
My disposer is blowing its fuse or the house RCB?

Isolate the machine electrically and investigate where the short is occurring.
  1. Water in the motor. Replace disposer.
  2. Ask a qualified electrician to replace double pole fused spur switch if it appears to be damp.
  3. An electrical component on the disposer has broken down. This is unusual and normally means that a repair is not viable if the machine is over 7 years old. Replace the disposer.
Disposer is completely dead and I've tried the reset button?

Check that all the fuses are 13amp.
  1. Replace fuses.
  2. A batch feed machine may need a new magna plug or start switch.
If the machine is still dead after attempting the above it probably has a motor fault and needs replacing. We are happy to talk you through any of the steps above please call our office for assistance 01275 475280.
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How to resolve common problems with a waste disposer.

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