Waste Disposal Buyers Guide

What to look for in a waste disposer

1. Permanent Magnet or Induction Motor

The Permanent Magnet motor starts at full speed with it first revolution breaking through the waste instantly. The Induction motor builds up gradually to reach its full speed and will therefore be quieter.

2. Motor Size

Motors start at 1/2 horse power and go up to 1.25 horse power, the more people in your household the more it will get used so we suggest that you select a horse power to suit your needs.

3. Physical Dimensions

It is important to check the size to make sure it will fit in the space available. Avoid having a shelf immediately below it as some machines have their reset/overload buttons on the base.

4. Batch Feed or Continuous Feed

Continuous feed disposers are very convenient. Once the machine is switched on and the water is running the food is fed into it continuously until it has all been disposed of.

There are three methods to switch it on:

  • on/off wall switch spurred off from the 13amp supply under the sink
  • air switch is set into the worktop. This sends a pulse of air to the machine to switch it on & off. Very safe with damp hands.
  • Remote Control Unit
Batch feed units are very safe and ideal if there are small children around as the machine can only operate when the special stopper in place. It disposes of the food in batches.

Operational Noise - The disposers with induction motors are generally quieter than the machines with permanent magnet motors. However, the p.m. machines run much faster (2600rpm) and usually grind food waste very finely. They are a must if your pipework is long/bendy/complicated. 
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Got an old product and don't know what to replace it with?

Light Use (1-2 People)

Franke - TE-50
Tweeny - Kensington/Victoria
Waste Maid - 1580/1680/1780

Light/Medium (2-3 People)

Franke - TE-75
Waste Maid - 1880
Maxmatic - 2000

Medium (3-4 People)

ISE - ISE66/E100
Franke - TE-75
Tweeny - Chelsea
Waste Maid - 1980
Maxmatic - 4000

Heavy (4+ People)

ISE - E100/E200
Franke - TE-125
Tweeny - Mayfair
Waste Maid - 1980
Maxmatic - 4000/5000


ISE - E100/E200+KIT
Franke - TE-125B
Tweeny - Westminster
Waste Maid - 17885BF/1985BF
Maxmatic - 3000/5000
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